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Exhibition Contents:


Play and Display: Paper and Card Toys

Relive childhood memories with this charming exhibition of paper and card toys. Paper and card are the cheapest and easiest materials with which to make and build toys and models. Paper and card toys began to be commercially produced from the mid 1800s and all kinds of affordable yet delightful toys have been produced since then.

The collection in this exhibition demonstrates how popular, versatile and enchanting paper and card toys have been over the years. Examples of paper dolls, theatres, puppets, panoramas and cut-out books, dating from the 1880s to the 1960s are included.

10 Interpretation Panels

The panels are A1 portrait size and mounted on foamex. They can be wall mounted with screws.

30 Framed Prints of Paper and Card Toy Sheets

The prints are mounted in A4 wooden frames. They are wall mountable with mirror plates. The prints are all reproductions of original toys from the Victorian period to the early 1900s.

Original Artefacts

A collection of 40 paper and card toys and books spanning from the Victorian period through to the 1960s is provided with the exhibition.
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A selection of modern hands-on toys and books based on the characters and themes in the exhibition as well as a number of activity and colouring sheets are also provided.