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The Games We Played: Childhood Board & Card Games

This exhibition explores some of the most popular, as well as a number of lesser known, board and card games from the 1920s through to the 1970s. People have been playing board games since the dawn of civilisation. The earliest known complete gaming boards were found in the Royal Tombs of Ur in Iraq and date from about 3000 BC. The popularity of games grew in the nineteenth century and mass production methods led to a rapid expansion in the games industry. From the late 1800s, colourful board games were being produced at a price that many people could afford.


Exhibition Contents:


10 Interpretation Panels

The panels are A1 portrait size and mounted on foamex. They can be wall mounted with screws


10 Framed Prints

The prints are A3 size and mounted in wooden frames. They are wall mountable with mirror plates. The prints include old advertising and box cover images.



Original Artefacts

A collection of 28 vintage games is provided with the exhibition. These include 15 board games, 10 card games and 3 dice and dominoes games.




13 hands-on games, including both floor based and table based activities, are included.